Learn How to Prepare For & Stay Organized for a Mission Trip

Mission Trip Preparation Course

How to successfully prepare, plan and stay organized for your mission trip. Easy forms, downloads, templates & valuable resources for your best mission trip.

Mission Trips Made Simple

A to Z Mission Trip Planning & Resources

Your planning blueprint with simple timeline, checklists & robust resources.

You're going on a mission trip!  The sheer excitement and joy is exhilarating as you envision all that will happen. 

Ever feel like going on an international mission trip can be complex?  Overwhelming details to organize. Fundraising goals. Timelines to stick to. Deadlines to meet. The list goes on and the pressure builds... 

Save a ton of time, money and hassle by using the Mission Trip Preparation Course framework. 

When you complete this simple course; you will:

  • Have peace of mind & clarity on all next steps
  • Cut through the overwhelming details
  • Have more time to focus on the heart of the mission
  • Be equipped with useful resources, downloads, templates & forms

Don't Get Lost in Your Planning

We'll Be Your Guide

Don't try to reinvent the wheel.  We've helped tens of thousands of other people with their mission trip planning and organization.

Mission Trip Preparation Course participants have all details in place - armed with helpful resources, forms, downloads & checklists. It's everything you need to know about mission trips. 

You will be the most organized and have time to truly invest in relationships with other team members and those you serve.  

Topics Covered

Top Fundraising Ideas

Immunizations Guide

Visas - Entry/Exit Requirements

Passport Resources & Guidance

Travel Resources & Downloads

Mission Trip Packing List & Much More


Instructions for this course


  • Welcome Message - Your Best Mission Trip Ever

12 Months Out


  • Video: Excitement & Expectations
  • Overview: Making a Commitment
  • Confirming Trip Dates & Details
  • Begin Fundraising
  • Top 10 Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas (PDF)
  • Budget Template for Mission Trips (XLS)

9 Months Out


  • Video: Manage Important Details Early
  • 9 Months Out Overview
  • Passports
  • Visas - Entry/Exit Action
  • Immunizations
  • US Passport Application (PDF)

6 Months Out


  • Video: It's Getting Real!
  • 6 Months Out Overview
  • Confirm Visa Application
  • Travel Protection Insurance
  • Submit Signed Travel Documents

3 Months Out


  • Video: No Turning Back
  • 3 Months Out Overview
  • Secure Airline Tickets
  • Research Baggage Requirements
  • Mission Trip Packing Essentials Resource Guide
  • Thank You letter to prayer and financial supporters (DOCX)

1 Month Out Up To Departure Day


  • Video: Ready to Pack Your Bags?
  • 1 Month Out Up To Departure Day
  • Arrange Ground Transportation
  • Copies of All Necessary Documents
  • Confirm In-Country Details
  • Preparation & Packing
  • Mission Trip Packing List (PDF)
  • Mission Trip Packing Essentials Resource Guide

Departure Day & During Trip


  • Video: TODAY is the Day!
  • Departure Day & During Trip Overview
  • Departure Day
  • During the Trip
  • Mission Trip Devotions (DOCX)



  • Video: Reflect, Rejoice, Repeat
  • Post Trip
  • Post-Trip Thank You Letter (DOCX)

About Your Instructor

Chris Niemeyer

Chris Niemeyer

Program Director

Hi, I'm Chris Niemeyer.  I'm host of The Mission Trip Podcastfounder of MissionTravel.org and MissionTrip.org  I love missions and helping others stay focused, organized and successful in their trip. 

As an entrepreneur, speaker, coach & podcast host I've helped thousands of mission trip leaders and over 100,000 travelers save by streamlining their mission trip planning. The goal is to help you save time, money and resources so you can focus on the heart of the mission and the people you serve.  



This course was key in the success of our recent mission trip. The best trip investment we made!
Pastor JP Missions Pastor
This course is amazing, focused and full of helpful resources. Worth every penny!
Tim Hawthorne Head Pastor
I definitely recommend this to EVERY person going on a mission trip - veteran and rookie alike.
Kari G. Mission Trip Leader

Resources & Topics

Visas - Entry/Exit Requirements

Travel Resources & Downloads

Top Fundraising Ideas

Passport Guidance & Ressources

Mission Trip Packing List

Immunizations Guide & Much More

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You must be absolutely convinced The Mission Trip Academy - and your FREE resources - will improve trip preparation, help your fundraising and keep you organized.


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